“You want to know what it’s like having a 4th?

Just imagine you’re drowning and someone hands you a baby”

– Jim Gaffigan

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  1. Aaaah Gogo, so inspired this morning. I’m a 1st time mom and my daughter is a year old now. Sometimes im unable to can with sleepless nights and teething days. Bt it gets better by the day. Thnk you for this blog, looking forward for more. And the love between you and alliance partner is very inspiring. Thnks again Gogo. My day is made.


  2. Thanx for the honesty happened to me as well, as a first time mother I thought there was something wrong with me for not having this instant connection with my boy. Glad to fog has cleared!


  3. I actually thought I wouldn’t have instant connection with my baby because my pregnancy was roller coaster of really low lows and not so high highs. I was depressed throughout my pregnancy and then thought me and my husband had made a mistake lol I made him apologize for suggesting we have a baby and that next time we get a surrogate but then I met my baby (baby Zazi); I was so in love with everything he is, with his cry it was so low my God lol and oh my goodness babies are so ugly when you first meet them and my babiy’s head was kinda squashed up hahaha but the nurses told me it’ll go back to normal shape because their heads re soft (it did) … arg I’m digressing. I fell in love at first sight and feel, I just put him on my bare chest like I saw on TV and didn’t want to move him and like you I said I want another baby and I told hubby that my birth process was so precious that I’d go through a depressing pregnancy again right now just for that overwhelming moment full of love and joy of when I first met my baby.

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  4. I love your blog! So much truth here. My son’s 11 yrs old and I still don’t have another child. I Was so traumatized by the no sleep, fatigue, selflessness required … etc. part of parenting and I still haven’t recovered!!!! Good to know that every emotion I went through was normal and acceptable.


  5. I love reading your blog Gogo. I love how you describe things ans situations and how you own your words. Thank you for letting us be part of this. Such greatness. Also from part 1 and 2 of the Homiematrimony I have read I know my time will come.


  6. Thokoza Gogo.

    I am not a mom but I camp on your blog. It is entertaining and insightful. It will be my encyclopedia for when I embark on the motherhood/homiematrimony journey.

    You & your family are gorgeous. Stay blessed.💜💜💜💜


  7. Thokoza Gogo,

    I’m not a mom (yet 😊) but I’m a newlywed (planning for baby in a few months) and I absolutely love your blog. Thank you for the honesty – your experience will surely help me have more love and patience for myself through my journey when I embark on my mamahood trip. Both my sisters are single moms and I have so much love and respect and “yoh!” for them. I always knew, despite the month or 2 of “go bewa setswetse” which my mom does with love, patience and understanding, that what they are doing is amazing love bundled with plenty of fire-flame. So thanks for actually writing what, as a not-yet-mamakhe, I sensed for many years amongst womenfolk (who often speak in hushed tones until the silence when a non-(yet)-mom dey enter for room) but wasn’t articulated so as to forewarn those of us who are still coming.

    Love and light to you, alliancepartner, Swifty Sankara, Tiny Oga, the aunties and grannies, uncles and granpas – basically, the village, especially YOU! 🙌🏾👊🏾


  8. Thokoza Gogo

    Discovered your blog in the early hours of this morning when I was busy stuffing my face with bacon and fried tomatoes (the cravings are showing me flames). I am a mother to a 14 year old daughter and am 5 months pregnant. I liked the blog about getting your son to accept his baby sister, I wish I could use that method on my daughter who is not very excited about having a sibling. I blame myself, I waited too long to have another child. Everyone kept telling me she will come around, I didn’t want to believe it but after reading your blog I am happy to say I am hopeful. Siyabonga Gogo!


    1. I heard story about someone catching their 4year old as they were about to put the newborn in the microwave :’) it’s only funny because nothing bad happened. Sibling rivalry is normal and it will pass. Of you are worried, you should go with you first born to a child psychologist who may have some tips on assisting the transition. Doesn’t help to blame yourself. It’s fine. You will be fine.


  9. Loving the blog Noks!! Its not easy to admit you are tired and that you deserve. As a single mom, between work looking after my 8 year old, I constantly have to remind self that to be a better need to rest.


  10. Ooh Man!!! Molo Gogo.
    Reading this blog is like reading an ‘unputdownable book’. Read all the posts! Wanted more so gonna camp here for more. Its for all the moms, moms to new babies to 10 year old babies (me)! Love, Love, Love. Enkosi kakhulu Gogo.


  11. I recently married a lovely zulu woman, no babies yet.
    I enjoyed reading your blog, started all the way from HELL FLAMES AND OTHER TALES
    to GROOVE BACK. I’m hooked. I intend on trying out the tools you’ve shared and maybe even tweek them to suit our needs.
    Your content is authentic and I enjoy your style of writing. Your punchlines hit the spot each and every time.
    I find it amazing how you share your intimate household experiences without exposing your family too much. Privacy was maintained throughout.
    Blessings upon blessings for you and your family.

    Siyabonga Gogo.


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