Homiematrimony Part 1:

I have always relied heavily on my intuition and dreams to guide me, I also try to always remain open to signs and direction from Guidance. My faith led me in my path of heeding my calling as isangoma, and it led me to my husband.

The back story to how I ended up married to alliancepartner is one of Guidance, liking things, YOLO and serendipity.

It all started in 2008, when my mum was convinced our neighbour’s house was a site of illicit activity, and decided to investigate. When I say investigate, I mean, she went undercover, and did surveillance lika a G. She discovered that our neighbour was a practicing psychic  – that’s why there were lots of people and cars coming in and out of the property. She went to the psychic, who asked to see me, so my mum made an appointment for me.

The night before I went to see Joy the Psychic, I had a very vivid dream involving an ancient forest, Rainbow serpents and my son. He first appeared to me in that dream and demanded to be known.

The psychic told me that I have to move to Johannesburg if I ever wanted a chance at true love. She said I would meet and fall in love with this fly, well known, creative man with a kind heart and long hair. She described him in great detail, right down to where his father was from, and that his eyes changed colour. It was hard to believe, but her prophecy stayed in my heart anyway.

In 2010, I was offered a really good job in Pretoria (Guidance). I took it, it wasn’t Johannesburg, but still… I was forcing a situationship too (liking things) … And it was that situationship that led me to Latinova (YOLO) in July, where I met Maria, who became one of my closest friends.  A few months after we met, she introduced me to alliancepartner.  She was at Latinova on the night we met, because of alliancepartner. (Serendipity)

Our friendship was quite chilled, and we were drawn to each other but it was platonic. His bachelor shenanigans made me not see him as an option. I kept hoping he’d meet someone and stop playing.

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