Mixed Masala

Common Question :
Don’t you just love having mixed race babies? They’re the cutest.

Answer 📷 :


I get it. Apartheid really messed us up as South Africans, I know why it’s a spectacle to see a black mum with mixed race, light skinned children. And of course, globally, so insidious is this bloodclat white supremacy, it has made it almost impossible for the humanity, and beauty of black people to be acknowledged, celebrated and respected, so mixed race kids of black and white parents are still seen as an exotic novelty, because you know, anything but black.

More times than I care to count, when I’m out with my son, people ‘confuse’ me for the nanny or wonder out loud whose kid I’ve abducted, or if my baby daddy is an old white man whose pension I’m after.

I find it frustrating and insulting to be confronted with such casual prejudice, so often. And people wield their ignorance like a rank manager wields his sjambok.

I lie awake at night & stress about how race relations in South Africa will affect my children. I so badly want to protect them from family and strangers alike, who may, in their ignorance or malice, make them feel like they don’t quite belong, because they don’t fit neatly into a black or white box.
I am ready to fight school teachers and  relatives alike.

I know that the implications of Alliancepartner’s race and mine aren’t incidental. The fact that we’re different races is not a big deal to us, but it’s something, in the world we live in.


Our politics are imperfect but we strive to do and be better. We are aligned and committed to deepening our consciousness so that we can create a family ethic that will empower our children to hold their own & be affirmed in their heritage & identity. But… if anyone comes at my kids in any way, whether it’s “so,  what are you?” or on that rainbow nation tip, they’re going to catch these hands. Madiba’s magic will not save them.

5 thoughts on “Mixed Masala

  1. thelunchfairy says:

    I rather like the idea of telling mixed race kids that they never have to choose one race (regardless of their appearance). You and Alliance Partner seem to be living a life that embraces both of your cultures (closely related to race in SA) so well. I don’t think Yung Stunna and Tiny Oga will have problems regarding race (other than normal growing up identity gwans).

    P.S Bathong! Look at my person there in the background holding a glass AND standing. Growing like it’s a competition.


    • homiematrimony says:

      There is so much politiki in raising kids, it’s forcing us to reflect on our own personal politics and work on our ethic as a family. We have grown, learnt and unlearnt so much, so we can be a better example for our kids


  2. Kamogelo says:

    This is so close to home to a point where people will ask me where is their mother I’d day at work I’m a full time stay in nanny.Im tired of explaining and the odd question “How do I deal with coloured kids?” Hello they are kids nje just like any.We relocated and this new school started telling her your mom is black and and dad is white I was livid coz my daughter knew mommy as mommy and daddy as daddy.Its so vast from rasicm when the white parents find out that their mom is black to black people not wanting to play with them coz they “different” I hate it.I don’t want them to conform to society they must be themselves beautiful and proud.


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