Journey to Monatefontein: Part 1.

I’ve been all over the internet, reading different mom blogs, looking for ideas about how to get my household running smoothly with 2-under-2. I’ve encountered a lot of information written by mums for mums, and none of it has been helpful. In fact, most of the posts had me feeling like 📷


Getting the Mkhize-Hollywood homestead on a schedule means sleep training, nap coordination, meal planning and other things we vowed we’d never do because we were under the illusion that we were cool parents, and cool parents go with the flow. Well, the flow has been going in the direction of nyiwing, and we have had enough.


We have a basic routine of who does what, when, but things often go pear shaped because life. We seem to always be tired and crisis managing something on a daily basis, and we deserve better.

We keep reminding each other that we have to be conscientious and deliberate in how we go about our daily business, if we ever hope to have peace and consistency in our lives.

Working out a schedule for our home is laying a foundation of stability and less Rescue Remedy dependence for our future, as the kids get older, and we want to focus a lot more energy into our own personal and professional growth (in other words, stay out til late, and make more money) Up to this point, we were kinda just hoping that these things will work themselves out. They haven’t.

Over the next few weeks, I will be documenting our Journey to Monatefontein where the kids are well adjusted and sleep well; and the parents have enough energy left over at the end of the day to do more than just link pinkies and pass out.

When we get to Monatefontein, we finna run tings. Asijiki.

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