Motherhood is…

M is for “Moer.” Never Again. Nope. No more children 😑✋

O is for “Ok” as I surrender our children’s lives to the guidance of ancestors because they don’t even care, they just gooi. Zero sense of danger 😓👏

T is for “Tonic” as in Gin and Tonic 😠🍸

H is for “Halala” when we survive a day of tantrums, interrupted naps & potty disasters, and still get them to bed in record time, while the foundation of our marriage remains unshaken in the process.💑💏

E is for “Easy” which is our lives,  never again 🙈😥

R is for “right there” because he knows exactly how and where 🔥😍

H is for “Help” I didn’t know I was allowed to ask for. And the hell of that all. I know better now. 😧😧

O is for “Ohm” when I meditate and find peace because someone (usually grandparents) has fed the kids something I asked them not to.😱😰

O is for “Overheads” because shit is expensive.😱😬

D is for “Dates” what we do alone, to be together, away from our kids, only to spend the whole time talking about them 👀👀

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