WERQ: A Guided Meditation 

Wow, where do I even begin? So last week we got snatched once again by 👸🏽🐝announcing her 👶🏾👶🏾🤰🏽…the last time she did the 🍋thing, and the world stood still, I wrote about it here: This Lemonade tastes like medicine. I have to use emojis because I’m still trying to recover from all the energetic wave of the unwitting invocations of supreme forces because of the Awareness she brought through the visual references in her pictures.

I’m using the pictures and discussions that came about to have an ongoing chat with my freshly initiated izangoma to talk about the spirit-sex connection and the feminine divine. In sharing about how to connect and bring awareness to that and how to harness that base chakra energy*, I told them to play dancehall. Because there are ways of exploring our spirituality that are rooted in what’s familiar and accessible (and safe. Shit can get real quick fast if one starts walking down a spiritual path with naïveté and without guidance or protection) Besides, our spiritual growth and experiences can’t be disconnected from the physical. We are spirits having a human experience or whatever.

The Meditation:

W: (dutty) Wine

Work into your hips and let the beat move with your blood. Ignite your sensual  senses where your body and spirit are one. This place is one of self-awareness and power. Sexual energy and the energy that flows through our material realities and desires are related.  I speak about that here: Sex, Love & Money Part 1 and here: Sex, Love & Money Part 2

E: Explore and Experience

When we get to a place of freedom to explore our bodies and sexual energy, without guilt, shame and obligation, we experience a deeper connection with our higher selves, menstrual cycle, the world around us, nature and worlds beyond perception. Oneness, if you’re deep with it.

R: Rrrraaa! 🐼

You feel that? That’s where it’s at. Yesss. It’s like divinity is right there. Inside you. Bangene.

Q: Queen Wena 👑

Look at you! When you’re ready, you can shift your focus and take in what is happening in the heavens and on the earth. The moon and planets and seasons. You can feel the changes in your mood, life tides, cycles and what is happening in your life. If you like, you may invite your partner to experience this power with you. You can use this power to (re) align your spirits and goals, release blocks within yourselves and your relationship.

For your guided meditation, some music. I’m yet to find a gongs and chimes meditation that works for me.

1. Portishead – Glory Box

2. Kelis ft Too $hort – Bossy

3. D’Angelo – how does it feel

4. Lady Saw – Best Pum Pum

5. Khia – My Neck, My back

6. Sean Paul – Get Busy

7. Tekno – Pana

8. Busta ft Janet – What’s it Gonna Be?

9. Ginuwine – Pony

10. Amaskumfete – Tsipa Tsipa

11. Juicy J – Bandz a Make Her Dance

12. Beyoncé – Rocket

13. Bhizer – Gibisiqolo

14. Rihanna – Pour it up

Slay us, please.

* this is your homework

2 thoughts on “WERQ: A Guided Meditation 

  1. Nomonde says:

    Recently came across your blog and read the whole thing since the beginning (well, most of it). Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your Truth with us mere mortals.
    You make me feel normal in all this craziness. With family, spirits, work and everything else.

    Sending you Love and Light


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